Behavior Change in UX Pages - Double Click to Active Dropdown menus?

edited January 26 in User Experience

Has anyone else noticed that list formatted line items now require a "double-click" to active the drop down selection menu?

I haven't found any documentation highlighting the change in behavior but the cell would previously active with a single click. Will take some getting used to as users may perceive they don't have access if they aren't clicking the "right way".


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  • JMVasicek
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    @Tiffany.Rice Oh, that's interesting! I hadn't noticed it before, but I'm seeing the same behavior. I definitely prefer the single-click option.

  • jasonblinn
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    I am seeing the same thing. I think it goes further than just list format too, it is just more obvious on a list. On all formats, you can single-click and start typing, but for the cell to "open/activate" for lack of a better term, it seems to require a double click.

    I also prefer the single click, how it was before. I could see how users would think this was not working properly as well.