I need your help please!!

I wanna import this file CSV in a list on Anaplan without edit the file.

should i import the file in a module and create a code for each line then import the view in the list ? and how to do it ?

thank you



  • Have you done the Anaplan training? https://learning.anaplan.com/totara/catalog/index.php

    You don't have anything unique in the screenshot there that would allow you to display the data like this on rows - so you will need to edit the file to include that.
    You should create lists for all of these columns, bring in all the data as separate lists/modules; from there you could concatenate 2 dimensions, such as customer code and numb to create your unique code for your list.

  • @AmalmMahmoudi : First you need to be aware that in Anaplan you can upload file only if the file has a Primary Key ( the column or combination of columns that makes 1 row unique).

    Ideally would be to have the Primary key of the file in one column and this way you could upload the file directly into the list and module. This is the clean and best practice to upload data in Anaplan.

    However, it not always the case where it is possible to have a "clean" ready-to-use file.

    From your example file, it seems that the Primary Key of your file is the combination of the columns "CUSTOMER CODE" and "NUMB". For the Primary key as a combination of columns, you can follow these steps:

    1. Create a #numbered list with all the columns as Properties
    2. Create an import action into the numbered list using the option "Combination of Properties" (see below example)
    3. From the numbered list you can create a module in which you replicate the structure of the file and from there you can create and update all the lists (combi list "Customer" + Numb") and all the spoke modules with the other properties

    Import action into a numbered list with Primary key as a combination of columns:

    Hope it helps