Need to know if we can take out some GB from 1 workspace and put that space into different workspace

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I have a question where I want to split out like 30 GB from one of my workspace and put that 30 GB into different workspace.

Current Situation
Workspace 1= 130 GB

Workspace 2= 300 GB

Required Situation

Workspace 1 = 160 GB

Workspace 2= 270 GB

If its possible how can we do this.



  • This all depends on the type of workspace that Workspace 1 is.
    A normal workspace has a maximum size of 130Gb, a hypermodel workspace can be up to 720Gb.
    Workspace 2 is a hypermodel workspace in this case.

    I'd reach out to your BP if you have one or to Anaplan Support to see if this can be changed…

  • And to add to @MarkWarren's comment… hypermodel workspace has a minimum sizing of 200Gb and movements in 50Gb increments