Automate refresh from Anaplan to Google sheet.


Hello, we've established a connection between an Anaplan module and a Google worksheet through an Add-on. What are the available methods for setting up an automated refresh schedule from Anaplan to Google Sheets?


  • @pchauhan : Maybe this can be achieved by "robots" that simulate the mouse actions to connect and trigger refresh like a normal user. (not familiar with the topic)

    As per my understanding, to create native automation with Anaplan it is needed to use REST APIs. I am not aware of Anaplan REST APIs to connect and refresh worksheets (Google or Excel).

    My understanding is that worksheets (Google or Excel) are ad-hoc methods to check Anaplan data by a particular user (the user needs to connect and refresh data manually).

    For automation, usually, it is used data integration REST APIs that export data from Anaplan to a CSV file (export actions launched from Anaplan) and the target file can be also a Google Big Query Bucket (for Google integrations) or Blob (for Azure integration) or on Amazon S3.

    Hope it helps