Summing a line item with a formula summary method



I have a module that is calculating correctly for each line item when I apply the Formula summary method as its based on the dimensions listed in the context selectors. I need to return the sum of this line item (highlighted in yellow) in another module but it obviously returns zero. I am sure I am missing something simple, but any ideas how I can achieve this?

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  • @kristenr

    Can you show us the formula for this (blueprint) as well as how the source module is defined?

  • @kristenr

    The reason you are getting a 0 for the total is because of the "ELSE 0" for the line item 1 logic. If you put a "9" in there (instead of the 0) you get 9 for the total. If you want a sum, then you will need to change the summary method from Formula to SUM.

  • @rob_marshall If I change to Sum, I get the wrong result. These numbers figures should not be coming through. I will need to look into another way of doing it.

  • @kristenr

    Are you only wanting to sum the highlighted numbers? If so, then you can create another line item that if the logic is correct, give me the number else 0….Then you can sum that. Would that give you the correct answer?

  • This is what the values should look like in "1" when use the summary formula method. These values are correct (as shown in the first screenshot, the second screenshot produces the wrong result using a sum summary method).

    I tried adding in a line item, "Test" that if the value in "1" > 0 then return that value else 0 and applying SUM summary method but as you can see it doesn't work.

  • @kristenr

    Because those values aren’t really 0, they may have some decimals that you can’t see with the formatting. Could that be possible?

  • @rob_marshall No, I put it to 10 decimal places and there are no values in there.

  • @rob_marshall I need to use formula because I want it at the top level for one dimension (ie. All LOBs). It was working so well except for being able to sum that column!

  • @kristenr

    Just sent you an email.

  • kristenr

    @rob_marshall Apologies for not returning your email, I ended up reaching out to Noah who had done a similar thing and he was able to help as he had written a how to on the community. Thank you though!