Time Dimension & Value not adding correct


I have a model which has the time dimension (in days) and line items which are date formatted. I'm trying to create a chart which correctly replicated the progress of time change but for some reason any value is not mapping to the x axis of the chart. I have attached a picture for better understanding. In the picture you can see that no matter what the value is, the data point is always at 0 (i.e. 2024).

I am wondering if this is a system constraint or is there a work-around it?

I'm always wondering if the TIME dimension is being treated as a numeric value rather than a time value.

Thank you!


  • @Anamika

    Can you share a screenshot of the pivot of the module view and also how the final data looks?

  • @Dikshant Attaching the pivot and final data

    As you can see, the sales order is the selector (which is fine), but the Time dimension is improper on the chart.

    The 2 line items (LC and FC) are date format line items.

  • Dikshant
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    @Anamika - Since your line item is Date format that's why the chart comes up this way. Try it out with a number format line item.

  • @Dikshant I understand that the data is coming incorrect because it's a date formatted. What would be the number equivalent of the date? I do not want to change the output (which is dates) for the charts. Hope this clarifies further, thank you :)

  • I think its due to the date format and needs a number format line item.

    Workaround01: Possibly you can create a new line item and convert the date into number format using functions like DAY, MONTH, YEAR< TEXT, VALUE, so 01/01/2024 will look like 20240101, and based on this number, it might show the chart the way you're expecting.

    Workaround02: Try other charts as well.

    Try it out. Not sure of the result but let's see how it goes. I'll also explore this one!