how can we decide the order of data while displaying them in grid in a reporting slide

so if I want to compare line item values for A,B,C,D,E but i select them in order of BCDAE for displaying in grid in the management reporting slide feature of Anaplan. How can that be worked out?

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  • Dikshant
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    @salil16, Sort the grid and and not use the Order action. Order action will sort list items in list and it will re-order the list items for everyone.

    Give a refresh button (Data Write Action NUX) and line item to enter the sequence of list items manually.


  • @salil16 Follow steps below

    1. In the card configuration, click on the module (highlighted in yellow)

    2. Step 1 should open up the module view below. Then on the far right click on the item highlighted in yellow which will provide you a dropdown selection. select line items

    3. Step 2 should open up the Reorder slide bar below. Drag and drop the line items to the position that you want

  • Thanks for answering @TristanS . Is it possible to have user input the order of these items in the grid? for example…there are 10 list items A to J …he selects 5 list items A to E in the order EBDCA. possible to have the grid showing corresponding line item values in this order?

  • @salil16 so to clarify do you want each user to be able to order it in their preferred sequence? E.g. user 1 ABCDE, user 2 EBDCA, etc? If yes, then you'd have to include a user dimension for that and the way you can implement it by adding a line item for sequencing, E=1, B=2, etc … and then apply a sort against the sequencing line item

    Or if it's going to be a global sorting sequence, all users will see it in that order. You 2 options:

    1. The user will need to have page builder access to modify the sequence themselves
    2. Or you can have configuration module that provides a sequencing configuration and then apply that as sort

    If it's none of the above, please provide more details on the requirement

  • Salil, This is possible in Board/Worksheet View. Users can go to the Show/ Hide (eye icon), and re-arrange/ reorder/ show/ hide the line item the way they want.

    Workaround: I understand you wanted this in Management Report. In Reports, you can give a static view and same view can be built in Board page. In your Report give a link to that Board page. So if user want to rearrange line items, they go to the Board View and do the needful.

  • HI @TristanS yeah its the first case where each user wants to sort it as per their preference. I have the user dimension inlcluded... but i am getting a different order when i run sorting action and not the selected one…is it due to undefined top level?.

  • Hi @Dikshant .

    Amazing. that worked. Thanks a lot for helping

  • Also @Dikshant , any idea if this can be implemented for nested dimensions as well…the sort function is working for flat list but if we try to use on nested dimension, the sort is disabled