Bulk API Import (Files have extra rows, no one else can see files)


Good day,

I'm wondering if there's some kind of parameter I can add to my file upload request that ensures the file uploaded via bulk api does not have extra rows as I see on my end.

Also, is there a way for everyone to see the files uploaded using the bulk api?

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  • Stacey_Gibbens

    Hi @itsPav

    I'm not sure about your extra rows, but as you've already identified, you can indicate the last header row and first data row….

    An unfortunate byproduct of using the any bulk API (AnaplanConnect or the one people normally think of as THE Bulk API) is that when the action to upload a source data file is run by the the integration account, the security for the file defaults to "me only." Unless Anaplan has changed this, it's the default (and ONLY) security option for external data source/file loads into Anaplan. There's no parameter or other command option to say, "Admins only" or "Everyone" like when you're creating an import action that will be used by end-users - in those scenarios, you choose whichever of the 3 security options best fit the use case.

    This means that you will also need to create and run the actions using this data source with the integration account. So, the flow goes:
    Build - integration account creates actions to import external data and use the resulting data source
    Use - integration account initiates the action to upload the data file
    - integration account runs actions using the uploaded data file to populate lists/modules
    - list/module information can then be accessed by anyone with permissions to do so

    Hope this helps. :)


  • pyrypeura
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    It seems like python if I'm correct. Would recommend to check how multichunk file upload is done with Python in this community article https://community.anaplan.com/t5/How-To/Using-Python-3-with-the-Anaplan-API/ta-p/33150#toc-hId--2076360880