How to re-distribute or retain a value that is linked with a product, even product is deleted?

Hi there,
I've situation where the Customer wants to keep the Overhead Values associated with a product, even though the product is being deleted from the hierarchy.

I think of it as a manual entry for the value to be retained to that it can be re-distributed among the rest of the products or add to the total in the end.

I want to have an expert insight or more ideas on how this can be done in Anaplan.

Your help is appreciated!


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  • MarkWarren
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    Interested to see what folks come up with here. I'd create a 'Overhead' list and add an entry for each product removed, with a system module recording the Product ID/name and overhead values for each new entry…


  • Thank you!
    It helped actually.

    To re-distribute the FOH values to the total, I used Count as a divider to exclude repetition of values.