Anaplan Last year values Summary(Formula)

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I have two modules A, B. Module A has time ranges of Week, Month, Quarter, Year. Module B has time ranges of Month, Quarter, Year. What would be the best practice to get last year values from module A to Module B and have them reflected for Month, Quarter, Year? (I tried OFFSET, POST, but got error while changing summary from none to formula)


  • @shlokhan

    Why do you need the summary to be Formula? And the function I would us is either LAG() with the STRICT option as the 4th parameter or movingsum().

  • Formula summary is converting imported monthly data into quarters, years data. Since Module A is week based, Module B isn't populating data for Quarter, Year.

  • @shlokhan

    You don't need the summary to be Formula, just Sum.

  • In that case Jan- 20%, Feb- 40%, Mar- 25%, Q1 would be 85%. That's not how I want. Any other turnaround to use Lag, Offset or any other function to bring last year/quarter/month values?

  • @shlokhan

    Well, you didn't specify that, I was only going on what you stated. What are you wanting for Q1 with those percentages?

  • Bringing weekly x and y data from Module A into Module B which has time range of Month, Quarter and Year. Let module B do calculations of x and y to show data of Last year.

    So is there any function/formula which can calculate the last year data but not making 20% + 40% + 25% = 85%. But instead calculating x and y to show its own Quarter data.