How to flag SKUs based on the lowest revenue


Hi, I have a module Target Setting with 3 dimensions: Brand, Category, Time. Users make an % input to indicate how much each combination should increase Revenue for the next Year.

Then, the Target SKU Reduction line item is calculated within the same module to inform how many SKUs should be discontinued to meet the target entered by the user.

Then, I have a module CAL000_SKU Calculation with 2 dimensions: Active_SKUs, Time, in this module I have to flag with a boolean Target Check? the SKUs that should be discontinued based on the value calculated in the Target Setting module.

My approach is to use the Revenue line item to rank the SKUs, this rank should consider Brand & Category which is the challenge I'm facing.

PS: Active SKUs rollup to Brand and Category hierarchies.

In the following excel example the % Input was 13%, which tell us that we should reduce 1 SKU going from 9 to 8 SKUs.

My idea is to create a Rank line item that uses Brand and Category to then evaluate each Rank for each SKU against the Target Count SKU (the 8 which lives in the module Target Setting) and the Target Check? line item would evaluate to FALSE if the rank is greater than the Target Count.

I'm having trouble trying to implement the Rank line item. Should I try a different approach to flag the SKUs that are recommended to discontinue from the Target Setting.

Thanks for your ideas in this challenge.

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  • nvilkko
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    Hi @JohanSmith,

    If I understand correctly, the issue is that you need to group the ranking by two different lists and it allows you to have only one grouping.

    You could try creating a text line item where you concatenate the names of Brand and Category, e.g. "Brand1 Category1". Then use that as the ranking group.