Driver Line Item for Action Button


I have condition in card where user can input negative value.

But when the value is negative, the button will disable to click.

I have data Product as Context Selector, Time Period Month in Column, and Line Item to input Order Quantity Review in Row.

User will input number of order quantity review, but when the value is negative, the button will disable to click.

I create line item for driver in the same module with formula below:

IF    'Order Quantity (Review Input) >= 0 THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE

But when I applied this driver line item to action configuration, it only worked for Product A in Jan-24. Meanwhile, I want this driver line item to be worked on every Product that will be selected and for every month not only Jan-24.

Does anyone know how can I implement this?

Thank You..

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  • nvilkko
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    Hi @rachmitadhila,

    The action driver is context specific, so with your current formula it checks only the input from Product A (when you have selected it) and only Jan 24.

    1. If you want to the logic to be product specific, then the formula would be something like this:

    'Order Quantity (Review Input)[SELECT: TIME.ALL PERIODS] >= 0

    Then it will check all monthly inputs for the selected product.

    2. If you want the logic to check all products and periods then you also need to select the total level of the products.

    With the first solution, remove time dimension from the action driver line item and with the second remove both product and time dimension.

    Hope this helps,



  • rachmitadhila
    edited February 7

    Hi @nvilkko

    Thank for your answer.

    I tried implement the first solution but it seems like it will SUM the 'Order Quantity (Review Input) for All Periods. If the total is negative value, then the button will disabled.

    But, what I'm looking for is, I want to check it for every month. If user input negative value even in one month only, and accumulative value for All Periods is still positive value, I want the button to be disable.

    Do you know how to achieve this result?

  • Hi @rachmitadhila,

    Sorry, I didn't get a notification for this. That is a very good point.

    You can achieve it by creating first a count line item where the formula would be something like this:

    if 'Order Quantity (Review Input) < 0 then 1 else 0

    And then the Action Driver line item: