Exporting Time Periods differences for different layout


I know it's written on Anapedia:

Date format for Grid export layout is MMM YY while Tabular Single Column is YYYY-MM.

But why?


  • Hello,

    Because, this helps in filtering data in columns. YYYY-MM format data can be filtered easily. In Grid view, time will be considered as Headers. Hence, time format is MMM YY



  • Thanks - it gives some insight to why. In terms of filtering on Excel after export, I would imagine both can be filtered easily.

    Moreover, if Anaplan can choose what date format we are importing from a .csv file, why can't we choose what date format we are exporting to a .csv file? Or even specify something as date formats before we export?

  • SriNitya

    @mathewman Currently in Anaplan we don't have any date format selection for exports.

  • 1636583

    choosing date format before export would be a good modeling enhancement suggestion to the community @matthewman , and again it depends on our system time related settings how it looks in excel after export, I think 🤔.