Determine the numbering of the week by period (time settings do not include weeks)


Hi team.
I really need help with formula to determine the numbering of the week in month according to given start and end date.

I have a module with daily rationing coefficients (they add up to 1 per month and may vary from day to day).

Also I have module with list of weeks (1 Jan 23 means First Week of Jan in 23, 2 Jan 23 - Second week and etc.)

What formula should I use in li "Week" so that it shows the order of the week in the month, or how do I sum up the coefficient by week according to these custom weeks, if I can't switch the calendar type to weeks in the time settings.

I'm stuck at this point and I can't continue my project in any way. I will be glad of any help

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  • MarkWarren
    Answer ✓

    You should import start and end as a date format, then you can use TIMESUM to get the coefficient.
    What do you mean by order of the week? The custom weeks list is already ordered…