Dynamic Waterfall Charts

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Has anyone managed to build a dynamic waterfall chart on a list where the totals are parents and the variances children.  In the example below the current forecast and budget are total company and then the variances are shown at regional level, ie one level below total company.  I need the graph below to be dynamic for new regions being added to the model etc.



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  • svaliyev
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    To build it you will need to have a module with regions line items in it and I guess you want to use Budget, Variances and Current Forecast as dimension list. You will need to build a list in a such way that Budget and Variances roll up to Current forecast. This is because when you will build Waterfall (in apps i suppose), Anaplan will take into account how these items are related to each other i.e. It will take Budget as a starting base and sum of variances and budget as Current forecast.

    In anyways, you will need to build a list that rolls up to your end result whether it will be regions or budget,variance,current forecast.