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I am working on a one module where there is a time range added. After changing the financial year I changed the time range from FY23-24 to FY24-25. The cell count has become double after making this change. I checked Time range summery is same for both. Can I get a possible solution for this.


  • Can you send a screenshot of the time range tab, and how did you change the time range?

  • Here is the screenshots

  • @Dasgups3

    Everything seems to be correct. But I am sure there is something we are missing.

    Check out a few things!

    Go to line item blueprint and change the module and all line items timescale to FY24-FY25 and take a screenshot.

    Change it back to FY23-FY24 and take a screenshot.

    Let see where it is going wrong? Line Item cell count will give us more clue.

  • When we are changing the module time range its not changing the cell count but as soon as I change the time range of the line item its changing the cell count

  • Dikshant
    edited February 12

    Yes, the module time range won't change anything until you update the time range for line items. Can you set both the module and line item as FY24-25 and share the screenshot?

  • Here it is

  • @Dasgups3

    Are you using Switchover for Versions? If so, this would explain why the cell count increased because you have less Actuals for the year. When using SwitchOver for non-actual versions, it does not count the Actuals cells in non Actual versions, it just references the Actuals. As Actuals build up over the year, the cell count will go down.

  • Yes we are using switchover in this module. However if I uncheck the switchover checkbox still the cell count is increasing.

  • @Dasgups3

    The reason the cell count for all of these are staying the same is because the total cell count for the module is based on just the one line item (not the time range of the module).

    When you change the Time Range to FY24-25 for the line item, it is taking into consideration the SwitchOver date defined in your Native Versions and since there are less Actuals, the cell count will be greater for the out months.

  • Thanks for explaining. Can you please give a possible solution of this issue? I unchecked the Switchover checkbox for this module but that didnt make any changes. The cell count was still more

  • @Dasgups3

    In the Versions area, do you have dates for the SwitchOver? By unchecking SwitchOver, you will have more cells because the Actuals will not be folded into the other versions. By clicking Switchover, the prior Actuals data will be referenced, so fewer cells. Since the time range is 24-25 and Actuals have not been loaded, there will be more cells but will decrease over the year as more Actuals are loaded, if switchover is checked.