Cell counts vary for the same formula


Hi All,

I downloaded the Line items from a model I've been asked to review.

On a number of instances there are duplications (ie the same formula copied in a number of modules). an example is where the same line item formula is copied 3 times over:

Instance A - 3.2M cells

Instance B - 600k cells

Instance C - 4k cells

So wildly different cell counts, which I simply do not get.

It there an Anaplan reason, or is this down to my inept speadsheeting of the download?



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  • pyrypeura
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    Do these line items have same dimensionality?

  • luke_e
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    To add, what about summary methods and/or time ranges?

    You might also find examples where someone has done something like ITEM("List X") in a time and non-time line item which would achieve a similar outcome, but with an obvious cell count implication.

  • ChrisG532
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    good steer. Thanks.