L3 Sprint 2 building the list: G4 Territory > Account#


Hi Community,

I started L3 wherein we have to build G4 Territory > Account# list in Sales Planning model

I followed below steps as per training

  1. Firstly, loaded the Download: Territory Data.csv into Data Hub model into Territory Flat List system and built system module below is the image attached of both list and sys module created.
  2. However, I am struck where how to build list G4 Territory > Account# in Spoke model (Sales Planning model) as there is one CSV in lesson 4.4 section with CSV name Download: CYW Scenario Territory to Accounts.csv used this CSV directly to build the list below is screenshot after loading this file directly into list.

Kindly Please provide your inputs as is this the above performed is right step or

do we have to prepare a saved view module with relation to Territory and accounts in Data Hub and then import that saved view to the G4 Territory > Account# list in Sales Planning model

Please request for cream layer hint to proceed further would be really helpful in proceeding further. as I am doubtful about the code in G4 Territory > Account# list which is reflecting in below screenshot

Best Answer

  • Tiffany.Rice

    Hi @Karthik31 - L3 course can be very challenging and often times the instructions are intentionally less descriptive than previous courses. This is intended to simulate real life model building where requirements may be vague and we need to rely on our experience to build the best model. You will need to use your best judgement as this course is intended to test proficiency without external assistance (you were likely prompted to sign a pledge of independence at the commencement of the course).

    That being said, a couple tips. It can be helpful to revisit your models from L1/L2 to refresh yourself on unicorn candy company. When I get stuck, I find it helps to step away and work on something else and then come back with fresh eyes/perspective as restart the task. Carefully reading requirements and analyzing the files to determine my model building approach.