SUM Formula Error

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Hi All,

(a) I have an input module dimensioned by CC & Categories & Version & Time (Quarterly)

(b) I have 2nd module dimensioned by CC & GL & Version & Time (Quarterly)

© I have the summary module Dimensioned by Categories & Version & Time (Monthly)

(d) I have a mapping module of CC & Categories


(Categories) Module C Line Item result = module A[SUM: module d] * module b (Dimesioned by categories , time(Quarterly) and Version)

Module C final result = (Categories) Module C / 3

But it gives me this error. Please how can I get the numbers to module that is dmensioned by Categories


Below is my formula

Please how can I resolve this issue. Thanks

Best Answer

  • Tiffany.Rice

    I think the issue is in module d. Typically a mapping module will contain a single dimension (CC) and then you leverage a line item formatted as the list you seek to map (category). You seek to define the relationship between CC and category in that line item. Quick mock up below to illustrate