Sync on Selection - Multiple dimension Cell based


I understand how synchronization on selecting a list on grid works, I am trying to see if I can make it work on multiple dimension.

eg, if I have a grid with list on my row as well as column. Is it possible to select a intersection cell and be able to synchronize select both list?

Any tricks for that.


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  • Dikshant
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    Here is the detailed solution.

    This solution looks like this. The user got a dropdown that has all 16 combinations, as you mentioned. In my example, I am just adding 2 combination for demo.

    Here is all required modules and formulas.

    Module where users select the combination they wanted to see.


    Filter Module for Dept

    ISBLANK('INP: Reporting Filters'.Select combination) OR 'SYS: Combination Details'.Dept List[LOOKUP: 'INP: Reporting Filters'.Select combination] = ITEM('Dept L2')


    Filter Module for List2


    ISBLANK('INP: Reporting Filters'.Select combination) OR 'SYS: Combination Details'.Hierarchy List[LOOKUP: 'INP: Reporting Filters'.Select combination] = ITEM('Hierarchy 02')

    Apply filter to the main module

    Try it out, hope it helps!


  • Here is a possible solution:

    Main Dashboard

    Please provide two buttons for selecting hierarchies. The grid consists of two hierarchies: "Dept Hierarchy" and two others, named "Hierarchy 1" and "Hierarchy 2" under hierarchy selector for demonstration purposes. Users can open both selector dashboards to view all levels of the hierarchy and choose list members at all levels. Any selections made should synchronize with the main dashboard, displaying only those selected members.

    Dept Selector

    Hierarchy Selector

    Both hierarchies needs to be selected individually in order to sync the members across rows and columns to see the selected intersection.

  • Dikshant,

    Thanks for your recommendation.

    I was trying to avoid mutli-click experience for the user.

    Currently my user are able to click on both row and column of the grid to synchronize those selection individually to refresh the other grid. But I wanted to see if we are able to get this within one click on the intersection.

    But looks like that is not an option available.

  • It is possible, but I might not recommend that solution. Create a combination list having all possible combinations of list 1 (row) and list 2(column). And then use it to create user specific filter. If both list 1 & list 2 are flat list, then logic would be pretty straight forward, but if it's hierarchal list, then logic will be complex and you might have to add the parent combinations in the new list.

  • Dikshant, can you tell me more about this. Since my two list are flat list with 4 members each. So combination will be 16 values which are manageable.

    can you explain how this will work on the UX screen. Would the user still have to select a selector with those 16 values to select both list?

    Or would we be able to click on the cell in the grid to automatically drive the filter?