Mapping modules dimensioned differently


I want to be able to pull over my Snapshots from SYS: Snapshot Lookup into my time module via lookup using my Week Number and the Code since they are both text. My lookup module isnt dimensioned by time but it shouldn't have to be, what am I missing?


  • Create a mapping of Snapshot Weeks to Anaplan Week (time period: week format) and use the SUM function to get the code or week number. Here is how it can be done:

    Just in case your code or week number is in text format, use VALUE function to convert it to number so that you can sum that up in other module.

  • @Dikshant thank you for this suggestion! But I would still have to manually map the Map Week line item do you have a work around?

  • @empressjewel - Yes, I've got a workaround for this, and it can be formula-driven!

    FINDITEM(Time, LEFT(NAME(ITEM(Snapshot List)), 6) & 'SYS: Lookup Module'.Current year)


    Try it out!

  • @Dikshant so I got the first part. I was able to convert the Current Year to Text. But everytime I try to pullover the Map Week I get this error. This is the formula I am using: FINDITEM(Time, LEFT(NAME(ITEM(Snapshot Scenarios)), 6)) & Time Settings.Current Year Text, using Text format

  • Replace "FY" with " FY"

    Make sure the line item format where you're applying this FINDITEM formula is time period (weeks).

    Please share the blueprint mode and paste the formula here.

  • I think i got the mistake here. you have put in an extra bracket

    FINDITEM(Time, LEFT(NAME(ITEM(Snapshot Scenarios)), 6) & Time Settings.Current Year Text)

    Replace your formula with this… It must work!

  • I removed the extra bracket and added a space in " FY" and I still recieved the same error. I also tried to change the format for the Current Year from Text to Week and I recieved an error

    • Change the Snapshot week lookup line item to a time period (week).

    Change current year text line item to Text

    Remove the formula and then change the format and then paste it back.

    Try it out and let me know.

  • Its populating but not correctly. See attached @Dikshant

  • Try this

    FINDITEM(Time, LEFT(NAME(ITEM(Snapshot Scenarios)), 7) & Time Settings.Current Year Text)

  • This helped but weeks 1-9 are gone now. @Dikshant

  • Try this

    FINDITEM(Time, TRIM(LEFT(NAME(ITEM(Snapshot Scenarios)), 7)) & Time Settings.Current Year Text)

  • ravi

    Alternate Formula:
    SUBSTITUTE(NAME(ITEM(Snapshot Scenarios)), "Snapshot", Time Settings.Current Year Text)

  • @ravi good alternative, and it is also good to add TRIM function to remove extra spaces

    TRIM(SUBSTITUTE(NAME(ITEM(Snapshot Scenarios)), "Snapshot", Time Settings.Current Year Text))

  • @ tiny fishing : Thank. Create a mapping of Snapshot Weeks to Anaplan Week (time period: week format) and use the SUM function to get the code or week number.