Anaplan Connect: Export to SQL Server



I am setting up export connections from Anaplan to SQL Server. We do this using Anaplan Connect. We have already set up around 100 export connections, but we are still facing difficulties with one specific export.

In the screenshots below you can find the error log we’re facing. We use a simple query to insert the data:  SQLquery: INSERT INTO ANAPLAN.TableName VALUES(?,?,?,?,?). Following jdbc driver was used: mssql-jdbc-12.4.2.jre8

We created a destination table in SQL Server all columns with format VARCHAR(MAX).

Now my question to you is if you have any idea what this error message means? The number 3 seems to be related to the number of columns in the csv. This file (screenshot) has 5 columns. We also tried this with another load who had 77 columns and then we got error message number 75. The file has a total of around 48000 records and stops after batch 20 (20000 record). I already checked and I don’t see special characters used in the csv file. Can this be data related and what can we do to solve this?

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  • What kind of data are you exporting?

    Can you try exporting in a different format, like txt, and if that helps?

    Try to filter out some of the rows where it shows error and check if other records are processing correctly?

  • Luke95
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    Thanks for your fast response.

    We are largely exporting codes from list formatted line items. No special characters are used.

    One thing that can maybe have an influence is that we have a lot of rows where columns are empty. I created an example of how our export data looks right now (see screenshot below).

    Will try to export a .txt file and see how that goes.

  • Try to exclude those rows that are showing errors in the logs. and then see if other rows are able to process successfully or not.