Is it possible to Sync a Context Selector to a Field Car Line Item?


I have a grid dimensioned by country and Brand (No time). Country is visible in the grid, while Brand appears on the top right as a page selector - as the user wants to see values by country, one brand at a time.

The question is: Is there a way to have a field above said grid. Formatted as brand, so that the user instead of having to go to the top right to filter brands, they could just select right above the grid on a "Field Card" or any other? then the grid will update values based on the selected brand? I tried this, but my Field card doesn't have any effect on the Context selector for Brand.

Thanks, and hope this makes sense



    1. Create a line item in system module with format as Brand and no other dimensions
    2. Create a new module with Boolean as format and Brand as dimension (Boolean formula → item(brand) = Brand formatted line item from system module
    3. If you edit the page and select the gear option in context selector → you will see multiple options (show/hide, filter etc.) → Select filter option and select the Boolean line item created in new module
    4. Select some brand in field card and refresh the page to check weather it's working or not

    If this works, u can add user dimension for seamless refresh

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  • I agree to solution shared by Sai and go with user specific filters to avoid concurrency issues.

  • Thank you very much guys - it worked!