Populate Module with Data from a module with different dimensions



I'm trying to add data that has been calculated in Module A to module B. 

Module A:

  • List 1
  • Time
  • Line items, where one of them is: Account XPTO1 (data's format is number), Account XPTO2 and Account XPTO3

Module B:

  • List 1
  • Time
  • List 2 (where we have accounts)
  • Line items, where one of them is: Final Value (data's format is number)

What we want to do is give values that we calculated in Module A, line item Account XPTO to the line item Final Value of module B.


What we have tried:

1 - Final Value formula has ifs saying: IF ITEM (List 2) = LIST 2.Account XPTO1 THEN MODULE A. Account XPTO1 Else ….


Error: List 2 are marked as production data and couldn't be referenced


2 - created a Module A1

Module A1

  • List 1
  • Time
  • Lis Subset of List 2, where we only have account XPTO1, XPTO 2and XPTO3
  • Line items:
    • Mapping (data format: List 2) and we associated the 3 accounts to Account XPTO1, Account XPTO 2 and Account XPTO 3
    • Data ( data format: number): formula= COLLECT()

How can we do this ? 

Thank you in advance,


  • HI

    Referring the Production Data Won't work.

    Instad of that you should have a finditem item and refer that line item.

    Hope Its helps

  • @Brfonseca You have marked your list production data and in your formula referencing directly is considered as hard coding ,item(list) = list item - You may need to create a module where list item is referenced in a line item and then it should work