How to set automatic refresh when filter is updated to new value


Hi All,

As I was building the UX Pages and came across on roadblock wherein each time when I change country and segment in field card I had to refresh the page again to get new country and segment values.

Please requesting for inputs on how to set automatic refresh when I change the filter to new country and segment

Below is screenshot where I have changed My country? = Mexico

but both the grids are still showing US value. please need inputs on how automate this

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  • SriNitya
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    After every selection for the data to get updated automatically, you can try this with below steps
    Create boolean Line item which is always marked as TRUE

    then publish Action Card in UX , Select Create→ Data Write

    On Clicking Data write it appears as below then select the module, line item and cell value as True and create the Action.

    Then Refresh action appears, so after every selection by running the refresh action the data gets updated.

    Sri Nitya

  • rob_marshall


    The reason it is not refreshing is that the filters you are changing are more transactional data (line items) versus structural data (lists). A potential solution is to have Country and Segment as selectors which will also make the results unique for every user.

    When you are changing transactional data, you will need to be careful so the results are what you are actually filtering on. To get around this, you may have to dimensionalize the filters as well as the results by the Users list which could blow up your cell size.