Function MONTH returning 11 for the period dec


Good morning,

The function MONTH is returning in our model the number 11 for the month of December, the number 12 for the month of January and number 1 for February. Anyone know why is this happening? and why december is not the 12 month and januray the 1 month?

Find screenshoots attached:

We have a calendar type 4-4-5 as below:


  • Hi @beatrizduenas, that is a tricky situation. 31st of December is on Saturday and Current Fiscal Year in FY23 starts in the last Sunday on December. I am assuming that you are using month formula without optional argument. Here is link to month formula in Anapedia . If you want to have "1" in Jan 23 then an easy way would be to include end in the formula "MONTH(Period, END)" because you want to look into January. Formula MONTH(Period) will give you 12. Let me know if that solves your issue ;)

  • Thank you, that solved my problem