Set up current period


My final goal is to be able to update the "Current period" from the Dashboard.

I created a SYS Current Period module (with a single line item: Format: Period Month) and added an action that I put into a process.

When I run the process (or Action) I have an error :

  • - Line Item Errors:
    • • SYS Current.Current period
      • Internal Server Error (1 occurrences)

Please help !

Best Answer


  • @rmamoune

    Are you an admin of the model and did you use the native action to update the current period (that is the only way to do it)?

    Check this out…

    Original Setting

    Create a SYS Update Current Period Module

    New Value

    Set up Action:

    Name the Action and select the correct module

    Run the action

    Final Results:

  • @rob_marshall

    Thank you for your support. There is no error anymore.

    My mistake was related to the Current Period system module, where I had set up a formula to calculate the current year.

    I was thinking that this could update according to the actual date.

  • @rob_marshall

    Yes, thank you!