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Hi All,

I have a module dimension by Cost Center & Version, whenever I run an import I get this error below.

What could be the reason and is there a workaround to solve this. Thanks.

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  • pyrypeura
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    Hi, This is dependant on your import mapping. It seems like you have mapped headcount (column D) to a numeric line item in Anaplan. As value in this column is always "Headcount" you get error "Invalid number: Headcount". Fixing the import mapping to utilise Volume column being mapped to numeric line item in Anaplan should fix this.


  • Thanks @pyrypeura I forgot to screenshot the mapping. Thanks I just didn't notice the mapping. Got it fix now. sometimes one don't see the little mistakes 😊.

  • The mapping was completely invisible to me. It is now fixed. It's not always easy to see the little errors.