Public holidays building modules


I want to be able to display a table of public holidays by country on a dashboard.

My problem is that in some countries, public holidays can change from year to year (unlike New Year's Day, which is always 01/01).

The steps I've already taken: I've created a SYS10 public holidays module where I display the date and a Boolean format column where I manually select the public holiday according to the country (because it may not be a public holiday for all countries).

The date is the result of importing the day and month. For the year, I've chosen to link it to my Current Period template.

My problem is that when I update the year, my public holidays from the previous year will be lost.

Can you please help me?


  • Is your module time dependent or you just fill in the date into a "time period" line item?

    If you do not use a time scale, the easiest solution is to dimension the module to another dummy "year" list. Then when you do the import set the "Dummy year" dimension to Ask before each import. This will allow you to have different mappings for different years without loosing the historical values.