Data in List Properties Clearing Mysteriously


Has anyone ever had mysterious issues with a very large set of Model to Model actions in one big process?

We have issue where data is being cleared out of list properties and it's totally mysterious as to why (have double checked 100 things, all the imports, the data sources, the saved views etc. there is literally nothing that could be importing blank values to the properties in question). Yes we should not be using list properties but can't do full litigation as to why we are for this case on this thread.

The only coincidence we see is when a big M2M process runs at same time as something else, or it just cuts off halfway thru running when checking model history. This bewilders us and is scaring the client just because data suddenly disappears in key properties that we are Summing against, then we re-run our exact same process and it repopulates. I have never seen this before, we have a very senior team of architects involved and just curious if anyone has noticed something similar before.

Cc @ulzhan


  • What (line item) format are these properties?

    And is it every property on every list item getting cleared or random?

    This could be a bug - I suggest contacting support

  • Hey @paul.rosal great to hear from you

    The properties being cleared are List formatted from a few various lists. And no not everyone is cleared, only some - though it does not seem to be completely random (I haven't seen it happen enough to know for sure yet).

    As of now we are still yet to reproduce this on command or find any import that could possibly be importing blank values here. I will contact support soon if we don't find it out - but I worry it will take quite some time to figure it out especially when we can't reproduce it reliably.

    The only thing that seems to be certain is that it happens when a long M2M overnight sync times out part way through.

    George Heiler

  • The fact that they're list formatted line items could be telling. Are these lists updating, such that items are deleted then recreated or are part of a subset in which items are removed from the subset and added back in?