How to manage Workflow-Approve/Reject



I am trying to create workflow for my project.

My module has product(10 prod), customer(10 customers), channel, & version dimension

Product, customer & version list has selective access enabled.

I want to create workflow for single quarter,

Step 1) Assigner workflow to planner , he will plan everything in top grid and submit it.

Step 2) Once he submit it all boolean should be ticket automatically for the combination he has access

Step 3) Approver will check the final estimate in estimate column and either he will approve it or send back to planner

Step 4) In case of send back the booleans for such combination(wherever he provide comments in approve comment column) should turn back to false(in Reviewed by planner?)

Repeat Step 2,3,4

Step 5) once Approver approve it from workflow all booleans in Reviewed by Approver? coulm should be ticked


  1. I have used group task(Approver/planner Lis) and booleans to turn true false

Workflow is creating multiple subtask for the

User are having access of multiple product & customer combination, they do not want to submit task in workflow one by one, neither approver want to see bulk on task

2) Approach 2:

Since selected users are having access of the page and they can plan for only selected combination due to selective access

1)I have created page task

2) Machine task to tick all booleans once first task is complete

3)Decision task to approve or reject

4)Machine task to tick all booleans

5) Manual lock on admin page

Issue with this approach: Even after rejecting in 3rd step booleans are still remain unchanged second step (true) and automatically booleans are getting ticked in Revied by approver column, ideally after reject it should execute step1 and 2, then again 3&4

Looks like I am not following proper sequence or lacking proper approach while selecting the task.

Please suggest proper approach/hint

Thanks in advance.



  • Hi, Thanks for sharing your use case. Have you tried using Hierarchical task? This approach should replace your first 3 steps.
    In hierarchical task you have option to select a module with Assignees and then Approver settings. In approver settings you can select line item for approval data write and line item for rejection data write. This should allow you to flag when something is rejected and to continue when something is approved. Please let us know if this approach worked.

  • Hi Filip,

    Thank you for reply,

    Hierarchical task might not be suitable option for current scenario, where I am using standalone Product, Customer & Version lists.

    Earlier I have tried using group task (Assign to users from a line item in a module
    ) for approval data write and for rejection data write, but due to intersection of these 3-dimensionality workflow is creating multiple subtasks (for every intersection). for assignee and approver

    While approving individual subtasks is efficient for situations with few intersections or single dimension, it becomes cumbersome as the number of intersections grows. Even though all relevant data is on the same dashboard for Assignee, the sheer volume of approvals becomes impractical.