Lvl 2 Model Building - 2.3.10 Activity: Create Demand Forecast

Hello everyone,

I'm having problems with the formulas and I'm not sure where my mistake lies. Maybe someone can help me.

These are my formulas:

These are my results:

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  • Change the Default forecast formula to

    Baseline Forecast * (1 + Growth Rate %)

    The growth rate has to be applied on top of the baseline forecast. If Growth rate is 10%, so you have to multiply baseline forecast with 100+10 = 110%.

  • Hi @Dikshant,

    thank you for helping.

    Unfortunately I get the same results as before.

    Do you have any other ideas, how i can get the correct results?

  • Hi @thoener , can you give us more details on what result you are expecting. Looking at the logics you have put, the old and the suggested logic is the same, so no change in the results.

    Happy to help!