Cannot edit chart after publishing page


I have created a page in My Pages. I have a grid and a chart in it. However, once I have configured the chart for the first time, I cannot find the edit it anymore. The "pencil" symbol simply isn't there.
Please help!

As you can see, even in designer mode, the edit option is not there for the chart.


  • That's weird, I've never faced that before. Try the things mentioned below:

    1. Can you try to recreate the chart and see if its still a problem?
    2. Save this chart as template and drag it back to the page and see if that has an edit option.

  • @Dikshant tried this but didn't work somehow

  • Gabric23

    Same happening to me while using My Pages. The 'Delete' option for the un-editable chart is also not available:

  • Dikshant

    is this only for the charts, or for grids as well?

  • Ahan2001

    @Dikshant Only for Charts. Grids are fine.