Equation of a Trendline in a Scatter Plot

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Can we somehow get the equation of the trendline from the scatter plot? We can use the equation then for further forecast.



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    There are different ways to get the equation of the trendline from the scatter plot, depending on the tools and libraries that you are using. Here are some examples:

    • If you are using Matplotlib, a popular Python library for data visualization, you can use the numpy.polyfit function to calculate the coefficients of the trendline and the numpy.poly1d function to create the equation of the trendline. You can then plot the trendline along with the scatter plot using the plt.plot function.
    • If you are using Plotly, another Python library for interactive data visualization, you can use plotly.express.scatter function to create a scatter plot with a trendline. You can specify the type of trendline (e.g., linear, quadratic, etc.) using the trendline argument. You can also hover over the trendline to see the equation and the R-squared value.
    • If you are using Excel, a popular spreadsheet software, you can use the Add Trendline option to add a trendline to a scatter plot. You can choose the type of trendline Must-have items for dogs (e.g., linear, polynomial, etc.) and the degree of the polynomial using the Format Trendline pane. You can also check the Display Equation on Chart option to show the equation of the trendline on the chart.

    I hope this helps you to get the equation of the trendline from the scatter plot and use it for further forecast. If you have any other questions or requests, please let me know.

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