How to gain experience in Anaplan


Hi All,

Any suggestions to continue with the certifications while the platform is on hold.

Projects we can work on or volunteer?

Any one willing to share their knowledge as an Anaplan Model Builder or Consultant.

Appreciate any suggestions/Inputs.



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  • Dikshant
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    I would suggest going through the community content, different courses, and getting conceptual Anaplan knowledge. Currently, since the Talent Builder program is on hold, getting a free workspace is not an option.

    Try to associate with an Anaplan firm, so that you constantly have anaplan workspace and environment to grow and learn Anaplan further.


  • Dikshant

    How much experience do you have in Anaplan and what's your recent Anaplan certification?

  • MeenazS

    Hi Dikshant,

    Thanks for your message. I have completed L1 and pursuing L2. Unable to access the Anaplan talent builder as the all Anaplan activities are on hold. I have experience as a Data Analyst but not in Anaplan.



  • Hello,

    Anaplan is a powerful platform that enables you to plan, model, and analyze complex business scenarios. To gain experience in Anaplan, you need to practice your skills, learn from others, and stay updated with the latest developments.

    Here are some suggestions to help you achieve these goals:

    Practice your skills: You can use the Anaplan App Hub to access various templates and solutions that you can customize and apply to your own use cases. You can also use the Anaplan Academy to access training courses, certifications, and learning paths that will help you master the platform’s features and functionalities. Additionally, you can participate in the Anaplan Model Building Challenges, where you can showcase your skills and compete with other users.

    Learn from others: You can join the Anaplan Community, where you can connect with other Anaplan users, experts, and partners. You can ask questions, share your knowledge, and learn from the best practices and tips shared by the community members. You can also attend the Anaplan events, webinars, and podcasts, where you can hear from the Anaplan leaders, customers, and industry experts.

    Stay updated: You can follow the Anaplan Platform Updates, where you can get the latest news and information about the platform’s enhancements, releases, and maintenance. You can also subscribe to the Anaplan Blog, where you can read about the latest trends, insights, and stories related to Anaplan and connected planning.

    I hope this helps to fix this issue.

    Best regards,

  • MeenazS

    @Dikshant and @Latonya86Dodson thank you for answering my questions.

    Your suggestions are quite helpful!