How to pull the data from module to list


Is it possible to get the data from module to list? I need to pull the SYS C4.Code to Sales list in order for me to use in lookup for SYS Sales.New Region.


  • Mobo

    You should be able to import from the module into the list, where you can add properties, to store the data in.

    You could also additionally work around that, by making a mapping module, that is dimensioned by your list, where you can then have line items to be code, and then state which list item should have what code. Then you can use this module to lookup the code based on the list item, or the other way around.

  • klarr

    Hello, what would be the formula for the line items in mapping module?

  • Mobo

    Basically what I can see, is that the issue is in the SD finditem, since you are trying to find the item in the source list C4, based on the SD key which do not exists in the source list, hence returning blank.

    Either you need your Sales SD-key to be the same as the code, or you add a property, where you do a transformation of the C4 code like:

    Or you need to create a mapping where you state the connection. So

    Or other way around. And then manually state that this Sales order is sharing the code with C4.
    Maybe you can make use of if statements and find, to make it automated. Like:

    Then just map to it,

    And it should show. But it is all dependent on how your SD-key and C4 code is created. It looks like new code is just striping the right 3 letters, if that is the case, then I would also just add those in a separate propertie, and look up into that. Hope that makes sense