Query on Efficient List Creation Method


I'm seeking advice on the quickest method for creating lists in Anaplan: using the UX Page "Form action" or the backend Actions for Creating List Item. Which approach is more efficient?


  • MarkWarren
    edited February 28

    There will be very little difference between the two, and the actual mechanism (within the Anaplan code) for creating a list item is the same either way. The performance of it will come down to how/where that list is used and what a change to that dimension represents in the model.
    If a user is entering data to create a list item, then a form is the more efficient way; an action would need to retrieve data from a view before adding a small additional step.
    But using an action could mean that you could batch up multiple user entries and add all items together in the one action; so that would be more efficient than multiple form entries.