dimensions look up


I have a REF module dimensioned by a list of vacations: this module represents with a hierarchy, a column of start date and end date. (the "vacation list" is a child of "team").

I have a second module dimensioned by Team, which I'd like to model by day, so that I can boolean-select the days off.
I've set a formula of : Date txt = start date[ lookup : code team] but it didn't give me a result..

Please help!


  • @rmamoune

    A couple of things…First, you can only do a lookup on either a list formatted line item or a date/time period, so code team sounds like a text formatted field which will not work. Second, and this could be a naming convention/understanding issue on my part, but Date txt looks like a date formatted field while start date looks like a date field. Lastly, your vacation list is below Team, so your second module (dimensionalized by Team, will not be able to see the granular selections in your first module.

  • @<!--td {border: 1px solid #cccccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->geometry dash lite Make sure that the formats of the "Date" line items match between the "Mapping Module" and the "Target Module" to ensure proper lookup functionality.