List to module, most efficient way?

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Do anyone know what the best way to link a module to a list is?
Cause in our models we keep databases in lists, to be able to keep track of the history.
The end useres are uploading a data file, which is then stored in the list, with needed column data saved as properties.

My question then goes on what is the best way to get this into the module, to calculate/work with this data. Mostly we have linked directly to the list property, but I was just wondering if this is actual the best way. Since we have started to run into problems with the system being slow, I was wondering if the system needs to run the calculation to reimport the data from the list into the module, and if this would lead to slowness.

I have then tried to test, if it would be more beneficial to create an process that first upload into the list, to create all the entities, and then upload the same file into the module, mapped based on an unique code. This way there would not be a link, potentially slowing the system. But this of course leads to the process taking longer, since it would include another upload action.

So is there any one that knows how a link connection to the list could affect the background calculations, and if this added effort to remove the link, actually would make calculations run faster?

Hope anyone would be able to help give insight in this.

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  • Dikshant
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    Loading name and code into a list and the rest of the other attributes in a Data module line items is the best way to load any data and will take less time as compared to loading everything in the list.