How do i stop Summaries being sorted in a new UX grid


HI, i have a grid in the New Ux and i have data summarised by the Country in the hierarchy

If i sort the data by Change the summaries get sorted amongst the data, and that is not useful.
I want the summaries to remain at the top, and the other line items to be sorted.
How would I do this please?


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  • SriNitya
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    you need to select any row then only sort option gets enabled.


  • Hi there, I think the answer may depend if you are using a custom view or a modules saved view in the UX page. Within the module views, there are additional configuration options available to apply the sort to specific levels and to also designate the position of the summaries/totals.

    See below for screenshot example of how the sort configuration in the module differs from that of the UX custom view. In this example, summaries are being grouped at the top in their natural list position and only lowest level child points are sorted below.

  • DeveloperCYT
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    Thanks, the issue with views in the 'traditional' modules is that when the Model is in deployment mode, the developer has to change or add the views and sync across, which can be a pain, so we try to not use views and allow the New UX dashboards to be driven direct from the module data. The Sort available in the traditional modules works as you say, but it does not operate in the same way in the new UX sadly. I do have saved views as above, that we may have to go back to using, as the new UX does not have this useful functionality.

  • Dikshant

    Hey, I guess this is what you are looking for in NUX, right?

  • I dont seem to have that? But yes that's what i want.

  • Thanks for your help, i was just being a bit Friday minded i think.
    The answer was there right in front of me, but thank you for your responses, they all helped