Time Filters and Time Context Selectors



My page has a time context selector to filter a report and the user can select half years or full years if they want a full year total.

I also have a table of supporting editable data that the user wants to filter by half.

It is frustrating for them as they need to select the time from the context selector and then the time from the filter to filter the corresponding data. They also need to edit this data including the time line item so it needs to stay in its data table format. I can filter the context selector by the half they select from their user filter but the issue is that they cannot pick full year from this filter as there are only half year options in the dropdown. Is there any clever way around this. Hope that makes sense!


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  • Dikshant
    Answer ✓

    Option1: You can create a list of Fake time and add items to the list like Jan Feb Match Q1 FY24. and then via formulas make map it with anaplan time and create relevant filters. By this you can select Quarters and Years as well.

    Option2: You can give Booleans of Months, years and Quarters and users can select what levels they wanted to see the data