When to use lookup/sum versus when to refer cells in anaplan

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I find a little bit confusing on when we would use the lookup or sum function rather than refer the cells in anaplan. Can you help me to explain more about this?

I also note that lookup is for looking up non-repetitive value on the source file, while sum is for summing up repetitive value on the source file. Depending on what the purpose is, lookup or sum is used. Is my understanding correct?


  • Dikshant
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    In order to understand whether to use SUM or LOOKUP, first you should identify the source and target modules based on your requirements. Once you identify the source and target modules, check the structure of both modules.

    Sum: Many to One relationship, SUM function, is used for aggregating numeric values

    Lookup: One to many relationship, LOOKUP function is used to retrieve a specific value


    SUM Function

    Note: Target module dimension has to be a list format line item in source module

    Formula: Employee Data.Salary[SUM: Employee Data.Location]

    LOOKUP Function

    Note: Source module dimension has to be a list format line item in target module

    Formula: Location Module.Total Expense[LOOKUP: Location]