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Hello Community,

I have two questions.

  1. Is Anaplan certification tied to current employer? Reason for the question is that the login user id uses the employment email. Can it be changed to personal email? If yes, who do we need to reach out to?
  2. If one wants to continue certification process after he/she changes employer, does it require that the new employer should have Anaplan? Can an individual continue on certification path, on personal account?

Thanks in advance for clearing up the confusion.

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  • TimPeterson
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    Hellow IShah.

    Your certification is tied to your account, which is based on your email. You can change your email that is tied to the account by emailing community@anaplan.com.

    If you change employers, either your employer will need to have Anaplan or you will need to use the Anaplan Talent Builder program. Either way you will need to start over with a new model. There are options at the 2nd/3rd model builder courses, however, to download prebuilt starter models that cover what was built in prior levels.

    The Talent Builder program is available if your employer doesn't have Anaplan. You can apply to a guided or independent program that will give you access to an Anaplan workspace for a period of time.




  • ChrisZ
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    Tim is correct!! Please send it to academy@anaplan.com, that goes directly to the help desk team that does the updates!


  • IShah

    Thank you, Tim.

    This is extremely helpful.

  • Dikshant

    FYI, for now the Talent Builder program is on hold, i guess, till March end.

    Check on the official page of talent builder.