Best practices to clean up models (especially Actions)

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Hi everyone,

Trying to get some ideas and best practices from this great community on how to clean up unused fields in Actions.

I recently deleted some line items that I was no longer using. There was nothing in the "Reference by" column so it made sense.

But they were linked to some Actions to Spoke models and I ended up breaking those accidentally. I went through every action in the spoke and made sure I couldn't see this field. So now everything works. But it took me a long time and some rework to ensure I captured every spot.

Any tips and tricks to make this process go faster and ensure I capture everything? What best practices do you have to clean up your models?



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  • Dikshant
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    Deepakk, it depends on how the model was built in the first place. If it is following DISCO principles, a lot of things would be quite auditable in the first place. Like all your data modules and calc modules are clubbed together, this gives a model good visibility.

    The first thing every modeler does in order to do model cleanup is find line items with no references. Post this as you have realized now that figuring out if it's being used in any action or as a saved view filter is important. This task is unfortunately a manual one for now. You can copy paste all import action details into excel and search the module that line item belongs to in the source object and then check if this module is used as a source to some other module or not.

    For a longer run, documenting all inbounds and outbounds, source views and target modules and what all columns we are importing or exporting, would give a better visibility while doing model cleanup again.

  • DeepakK

    Thanks @SriNitya and @Dikshant.

    These are helpful comments and the article is a good one.