How to show Line items Dynamically


Hello, i have two line items that i want to diplay one at a time depending on the follow criteria : IF BY=CY then line item x else line item Y.

Any idea how can i display the line items based on the above rule?

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  • SriNitya
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    @Irish try this
    If your line items are number formatted by using Line item subsets you can try this solution.
    Create a line item subset by selecting the module
    Open line item subset and select line items you want to be part of the Line item subset
    Create a new module and use the line item subset which is created earlier as dimension, create a boolean formatted line item provide your logic.
    Apply the filter line item on your original module and then you can display required line items.

    Hope it helps


  • Kanishq17

    Hello , You can use Line item subset and then filter it in a module using boolean criteria