Fake Time (1-31) or Time Dimension

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We're in the process of creating a use case for capacity planning.

Users have mentioned the projects they have working on. We will be converting the allocation into hours.

Say I'm occupied for project A and Project B 75% & 25 % respectively, I will have 6 hours for Project A and 2 hours for Project B assuming 8 hours of working day.

We will have to generate an output report for each month for the number of hours in EACH day.

If i go with native time, there may be a size constraint so if we use fake list with (1-31) would it be better ?

Native time with time range there is a limitation we can only set it for a year and no lesser.
Fake list may have its own constraints later to integrate with other features.

Thanks for your advice.



  • Dikshant

    A fake list will give you more flexibility in setting up time in your model. You can name the items differently. make it a production list to update directly in prod. and yes size will be less.

    It's just it's adds up to the maintenance work you now there is an extra dimension which you have to maintain.

  • Hi @Sachinsourav02 ,

    Deciding whether to use native list or a model's time range might depend on various other factors as well:

    1. What is the planning frequency and planning horizon ? Example : If planning is to be done monthly then you might prefer using fake time list and generate the plan.
    2. What type of reports are to be generated? Example : Are there reports to be generated comparing resource utilization for different months

    In a real scenario, it might always be better to use fake time list when weekly/daily plans are to be generated as creating native time ranges impact size and setting up short duration time ranges might require extensive system setup time. However, using fake time list has its own cons, example, you'll not be able to use any time related functions along with it (eg : previous, cumulate)

  • Hello @Dikshant & @Sampriti.Anand

    Thank you for respective responses.

    Planning is for a month.

    I have created a fake time list which is dynamic.