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Hi All,

Checking the possibility of conditional formatting for FY 24 -GAP as shown below. I don't want the BP or Fcst to be formatted.

2. Is it possible to extend the Color formatting to only certain line items label (like net revenue, GM and GM %) needs color formatting

3. Is it possible to have spacing between Forecast and BP? (I understand it is a time period and if i add blanks then it will cause sparsity in the model but would like to check if there is any possibility)



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  • KirillKuznetsov
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    Hi @aishabhy05

    What you are trying to achieve requires quite advanced techniques and knowledge but I will try to help you.

    This type of conditional formatting requires to create a separate line item per each line item you want to color.

    In their formulas, you have to mention an IF statement with the condition:

    IF ITEM(<LIST>) <> <list>.GAP or <Total year boolean> THEN<white color formatting value> ELSE <put color formatting logic here>

    Instead of "<>" you have to apply your logic.

    Question 2 is covered by @SriNitya but you have to know that it is based on Style column value in the blueprint mode of the module.

    For question 3 - you can add a dummy list item. Add a subset where only real items are selected and apply this subset to all line items. This will create subsidiary views for them and will not count the dummy item in Cell Count. Then you can try to apply a filter to columns with a logic of only FY24 is TRUE.

    Hope this will help.


  • SriNitya

    Conditional formatting enables you to change the visual style and color of cells. The formatting can be based on the values in the cells being formatted, or the values of a number-formatted line item

    Color formatting can be done using the style option available for cards but it can done for all the line item not one.

  • You also can split the report into three different grids by FCST, BP and GAP and use it as an alternative way to visualize spacing. Of course, if it fits the requirements, obviously…

  • @KirillKuznetsov if i use different grids hiding of the line items is possible? (GM,GM%,EBIT..)

    And, IF ITEM(<LIST>) <> <list>.GAP or <Total year boolean> THEN<white color formatting value> ELSE <put color formatting logic here> - what should be the format of the line item ?

  • Hiding line items is not an issue. You can hide whatever you want.

    Line item format for Conditional Formatting is always Number

  • @aishabhy05

    Have you managed to replicate the Conditional Formatting?

  • @KirillKuznetsov yes i managed to replicate the CF in the management reporting. Thanks for the information shared. helpful!