February 2023 platform releases


For our full February 2023 release announcement, please visit the product blog. The information below offers supplemental information to that post.

Planning and modeling

  • New Modeling Experience
    The New Modeling Experience is announced as the default experience


  • Show/hide Models & Apps
    Showing/hiding Models, Apps, and Pages on your home page will persist across sessions, making it easier to surface important content

Management Reporting

  • Grid themes
    Choose from a selection of pre-defined grid theme to update the look and feel of Boards or Worksheets
  • Grid summary styles
    Highlight sub-totals or totals to emphasize key line items
  • Grid font size
    Choose font sizes for grids, making them larger for a high-level summary or smaller to display more detail
  • Image row height
    Minimum row height for images in grids has been removed, allowing for the display of smaller images if required


  • CloudWorks Data Orchestration v1
    Save time and minimize errors by daisy-chaining multiple pre-existing integrations across models and workspaces
  • CloudWorks Restricted Integration User (RIU)
    Alleviate burden on Integration Admins by entrusting additional users to manage and execute CloudWorks integrations


  • Insert the Cards description (Excel Add-in)
    When inserting a card as data in Excel, you can now display a list of card details above your card data


  • IP Allow List (screen shot)
    Manage permitted IP addresses and programs to safeguard enterprise security