April 2023 platform releases


For our full April 2023 release announcement, please visit the product blog. The information below offers supplemental information to that post.

Planning & Modeling

  • Create a UX App, Page, and Category within the Modeling Experience
    Within the Modeling Experience, Page Builders can create a UX App, Page, and Category from the Pages tab
  • Remove Limit for List Reset Index
    Users may use their discretion to reset lists at any point on the basis the list is empty (previously, list index limit was 900 million when no items were in the list)


  • Disable Export on grids
    Disable the export option in any grid, for example to restrict what data a user may export

Management Reporting

  • Export a Table to csv in Report page
    Export data from a table in a Report page to csv like any grid on a Board or Worksheet; can be toggled on or off by the Page Builder


  • API - Bulk Model Delete
    Bulk Delete API accepts a comma separated list of ModelGuids, allowing users to self-serve delete multiple models