May 2023 platform releases


For our full May 2023 release announcement, please visit the product blog. The information below offers supplemental information to that post.


  • Image Library
    Every tenant has a 3GB storage allocation which can be used to store images for use across UX pages; ideal for storing logos, Report backgrounds, and imagery to complement data
  • Chart updates
    Settings are split out to allow users to modify a chart on a per-series basis
  • Column width settings
    Page Builders can adjust the Column Width Settings via the right hand panel on a UX page to set custom column widths for any grid in boards, worksheets, and reports
  • Double click to sort
    Double click a column on a grid in boards and worksheets to quickly sort ascending and descending
  • Cancel model process once started
    Page Builders may decide on a button-by-button basis which should have a cancel option and which should have this option disabled


  • Select writable list items from a dropdown list
    When editing a list item within a writable card in Excel, you may select your values from a dropdown list, minimizing potential errors
  • Auto-adjust column width
    When inserting a new card in Excel, column width will automatically adjust to accommodate the data being inserted